Otter 501 – Details about the Movie

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cable-providersWildlife is something amazing, and not everyone has the possibility to get in contact with it. It’s true that you have the zoos and other wildlife sanctuaries, but being able to see a wild animal in its natural habitat is a rarity.

Of course, sometimes miracles do happen, and some people are fortunate enough to make safe contact with wild animals. The movie that we are going to present you is called Otter 501, after the name of the baby sea otter.

The story of the film is very simple – a young girl finds a baby sea otter that got on the beach after a storm. All that she sees is a shivering, wet furball that can’t be more than a week old. The girl uses her phone to make a phone call and sets in motion the real story about saving and protecting an iconic species.

The Movie

The story is real and presents a real documentary case. However, it combines dramatic narrative techniques with documentaries, and the result offers you the chronicle of a true story. Otter 501 presents the evolution of the baby otter who was washed on the shores of the Northern California coast and who was rescued immediately. The rescuer was the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Research and Conservation Program, and the otter received a number as a name – 501. That’s how Otter 501 appeared, presenting the story of saving the small otter and introducing her to an adoptive sea otter mother.

Further Details

The movie is indeed touching because the little otter was adopted by the surrogate mother. She managed to teach the baby otter how to care for herself in the wild, and it took several months until the little otter was able to learn anything. It got the necessary skills for surviving, and the movie follows her evolution ever since she was rescued. You could even watch through your xbox if you wanted to. Contact the guys at Xbox through the link today.

The film actually presents the chance at life that “501” received when she was rescued. Along with this inspiring story, you’ll also get to see the story of Katie. She was the young girl who discovered the otter on the shore, and she’s an aspiring marine biologist. The discovery of the otter helps her decide to become a volunteer for the Aquarium, the place where the small otter will learn how to survive in the wild.

The movie is a blending of original footage and other tools of social media. It became a unique hybrid of fiction and facts that brings everyone a new style of storytelling, different than what the traditional wildlife documentaries used to look like.



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