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A young woman finds a stranded baby sea otter on a windswept beach after a storm. Peering down at the damp, shivering fur ball, she grabs her cell phone and makes a call, setting in motion a story about the otter’s struggle for survival and humans’ efforts to protect an iconic species.


We Did it! Our community of otter fans successfully funded Otter 501′s campaign to reach underserved audiences with screenings of Otter 501 the movie. Check out the Take Action page of Otter 501: A webStory for our favorite suggestions to help you protect otters every day.


LOLcats: The Next Generation Nature Film Showcases Cute Sea Otter Star

LOLcats: The Next Generation Nature Film Showcases Cute Sea Otter Star, Creates Niche For Science Storytelling On The Web 

November 5, 2012: Sea Studios launched a sneak peek of Otter 501: A webStory. The full webStory launches December 18, 2012. More information available here.

November 1, 2012: Sea Studios Film Otter 501 Raises Over $12,000 Through Online Crowdfunding Campaign Independent Film Exceeds Goal, Will Use Funds To Reach Underserved Groups Through National Tour

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The webStory has been LAUNCHED!

The makers of Otter 501 have launched Otter 501: A webStory. A bold, new way of storytelling, the webStory introduces the world of the sea otter, focusing on one abandoned newborn sea otter pup’s rescue, care, and eventual return to the wild. Otter 501: A webStory uses a web-based multimedia platform to provide a compelling and immersive experience.

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The webStory is available here – and we want to know what you think! Give us feedback on the webStory by sharing your thoughts here.

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